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Fri Sep 05, 2008 12:44 am by jhakl
Excusie the mess.... affraid Forums are under some new construction, changes, upheval pirat and a name change. The address will change as well soon. It will be posted a bit before it does. Shocked


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 Weaponsmith / Bowyer / Tailor

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PostSubject: Weaponsmith / Bowyer / Tailor   Sat Apr 25, 2009 11:23 am

Ok all I just broke 50 on Bowyer last nite. Rank 20 bows can flow. Hunter, war and 1 other.

Weaponsmith is Rank 50 I am able to make all Rank 20 weapons. Keep in mind even though you may have a 40 skill - it is still good to use a Rank 10. Your skill level will add enough damage bonuses from strength and also your skill level will keep your durability from dropping fast.

Tailoring is rank 50 Full sets of leather armor are craftable and basic robes.

Of course I am more then willing to pass the mantle to any who wish to become full time clan crafters. but I will continue to peck away at them best I can.

I make what i can with what i have for all clan members. past that donations are welcome as with any other crafter we have as well.

gear and training ....gear and training....gear and training....


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Weaponsmith / Bowyer / Tailor
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