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Fri Sep 05, 2008 12:44 am by jhakl
Excusie the mess.... affraid Forums are under some new construction, changes, upheval pirat and a name change. The address will change as well soon. It will be posted a bit before it does. Shocked


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 Who We Be ...

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PostSubject: Who We Be ...   Mon Dec 29, 2008 12:46 am

O.K. so you wanna know who the hell we are. Well a short answer would be a group of friends that have been gaming for a little over 6 years together. We've been into everything from the original Asherons Call to WoW to AoC and just about everything inbetween. Hell we've even done a few free korean made freebies.(And if I didn't mention your favorite game, well too bad sweethart, suck it up. We prolly played it and it just doesn't really deserve a mention here.)
So yeah we've been there and done most of that, and have gotten tired of the cookie cutter, class defined grind fests that have become Mainstream MMO's these days. And sure they were fun at the time and did fill endless hours with a quasi-purpose of chasing the dream to be the best at whatever "class" it was that we chose.
Most likely we are similar to you in the fact that we got bored with the endless repetition and apparently pointless PvP that most games out there offer. And just like you we found that the idea of a "sandbox" style game absolutely mesmerizing, so here we are.
Some of us are harsh, some odd, and you may even find some of us to be completely commitable, but we are a good bunch of people that will help out OURnubbins and rape the rest. For the most part we plan on being fairly migrant and elusive with a strong need to wander around and rape the willing and the not so willing( its good for the dark part of the soul). We do plan to eventually settle down and find some odd and truly horrendous place to build a town /fort/den/whatever to call home. Until then hunt, kill and be happy.
As far as a command structure, yeah its there. I'm not some egomaniacle ass-hat that's going to tell you where to fight, how to fight, what you should wear, what gear you have to have or even what time you HAVE to be in-game. Quite frankly I give a shit. All I truly expect out of prospective pack members is to be active( as in be online more than 2hrs a week) have a thick skin(for my abrasive days) and be willing to kill for a common cause (so I can fish in peace dammit!!). I am willing to share what I know or have learned with new recruits and I am willing to HELP them along (i.e. walk with you not for you).
As of right now I haven't formulated any kind of long term plan as I haven't been in-game yet and don't know what to expect to be able to accomplish or whats even possible. Once a fair knowledge has been built up then I'll start from there and with a bit of input from the asses (as in the masses are...) put together a plan as to where to put our amassed "wealth" to best use.
So there's my bit of a rant as to who we are and who I (your glorious fisher er leader, I meant leader dammit!) Hablanero am.
Any Questions??

oh and btw I am a moderator as well so do your best not to be too big of an assmokey or I will beat you out of the thread tree with my Super Camouflaged Assmonkey Killing Nerf-bat of Semi Swift Justice!!!
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Who We Be ...
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